WERS For Skylight Products

The use of energy efficient Skylight Products can positively contribute to a building's energy rating in addition to increasing the value of the building. Below is a 'Manufacturers' link to a table of Skylight products that have been simulated and approved for their energy efficiency performance by the Window Energy Rating Scheme, they are certified to Australian Fenestration Rating Council simulation protocols and procedures. For more information on the skylight rating methodology please visit www.afrc.org.au
Currently the Window Energy Rating Scheme is developing a Star Rating Scheme to allow a like for like comparison of products for their energy efficiency performance. Currently the star ratings will display pending as this scheme is still being developed to allow for the easiest possible comparison system.
The star ratings listed in the 'Manufacturers' link are suitable for use in Residential Applications Only. The certified performance values are suitable for compliance in both commercial and residential applications.

Manufacturer Suppliers
Calidad Industries CALIDAD
Skydome Skylight Systems SKYD
Velux Australia VELUX