Commercial Applied Film Product Ratings

The application of film can positively contribute to a building's energy rating as well as increase the value of the building in the process. Below is a 'Manufacturers' link to a table of Applied Film products that have been tested for their energy efficiency performance.
To be able to certify the energy ratings in the 'Manufacturers' links below the film applicator must have a WERS License. To find film applicators with a WERS License or for more information please visit the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand at
The following products are ratings of Applied Film Products applied to WERS developed Generic Windows. The products are applied to a:

WERS Generic Aluminium Commercial Shopfront with 6mm Clear Glazing
WERS Generic Aluminium Commercial Shopfront with 6mm Clear / 6mm Air Gap / 6mm Clear Double Glazing

The tables in the 'Manufacturers' link below use codes for the glazing, hover over the code for a full description.
Hover descriptions to be used as a guide only, Glazing ID is the primary code to be used.

The ratings are for Commercial Applications Only.

Manufacturer Suppliers
3M Window Films MMM
ASWF Australia ASWF
Solar Gard Specialty Films BSF